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Logitech k400 Wireless Touch Keyboard

Alain, President at Hernandez AffordableProducts; shares with you a Video about Logitech k400 Wireless Touch Keyboard.


The Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 has a 10-meter (33 feet) wireless range and a large, built-in multi-touch touchpad for total control when connecting your laptop to your TV.


Say goodbye to hunching over your laptop and constantly getting up to navigate on your TV-connected laptop. Whether you’re IMing on your small screen or surfing the Web on your big screen, you can lean back and enjoy convenient typing and multi-touch navigation with Logitech k400; right from your couch when using the Logitech k400 Keyboard.


This Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard is great for across-the-room control of your laptop—even when it’s connected to your TV. Whichever screen you’re using, this sleek k400 wireless keyboard is designed for the way you use your laptop today.


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