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Dell Inspiron One 2020, All-in-One Desktop, Intel Pentium, 8GB Memory, Windows 10, 500GB Drive

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This Dell inspiron 20″ all-in-one desktop has slim design, its clever design helps keep your desktop streamlined and organized; while you Experience an edge-to-edge 20 inch glass display that fits in any room.

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Here I have a used in still like new conditions Dell Inspiron One 2020, this model is the All-in-One Desktop computer which I have upgraded to 8GB samsung Memory plus Windows 10 64 bit; and in addition a new western digital blue 500GB hard drive.

  • I will include the original dell power cable, which comes with the dell block; and is it excellent working condition. Computer Powers on without a problem and the blue indicator on the top of the connector still lids up.
  • You will also get a brand new dell wireless mouse and keyboard combo, which includes of course the usb adapter for the wireless connection to work; the set is completely black to match your all in one desktop.

This desktop computer features a touch lcd screen, however due to the recent motherboard replacement; the board from dell did not feature the touch screen connector yet the screen is the original touch mode. Besides that the screen looks and works perfectly just not the touch feature sense the connection on the board is not present. It features an intel pentium g2020t processor running at 2.50 ghz; which is a dual core cpu.

  • Overall the Dell Inspiron One 2020 is all black with a semi gloss look to the design on the back, with open vent areas around the lcd frame to allow hear out of the system; it also features another open vent spot on the center top back for the cpu cooler to release air. These vent features allows for an overall reduce heat and more air flow.
  • Computer also comes with an dvd cd optical drive, original dell model which also works fine on both types of discs used; and slides in and out of the right side of the screen. On that same side it features the power bottom with the led dot indicator when is on at the bottom.

To your left side of the screen there is an sd card reader, and also your menu buttons for controlling the screen brightness; with the up and down in the same location. One more thing unique about this dell all in one desktop is the screen features and forward and backward tilt motion so you can adjust the screen to the view you prefer. On that very same side it also features the headphone and microphone jacks for an easy to reach spot and both were tested to work.

  • The Back features 3 usb ports, and also one ethernet port; along side the power connector. On your left side you have 2 more usb ports as well. Overall the total of usb connections are 5. Some are 2.0 and some are 3.0 so you choose depending on what you are connecting.

Considering this is an all in one dell desktop it also features a built in speaker, located on the bottom front side of the screen; which what seems to be a surround like sound or I least I thought when tested. For other cool details to keep in mind is that the stand can be taken apart when needed for easy storage by removing 4 simple screws.

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1 review for Dell Inspiron One 2020, All-in-One Desktop, Intel Pentium, 8GB Memory, Windows 10, 500GB Drive

  1. Shelly Kimbriel (verified owner)

    spoke with alain about this computer, and he was helpful in providing me the information I needed to make a purchasing decision; after a few minutes I paid for it and the item arrived as promised in the condition described.

    • Alain Hernandez

      hi shelly. thanks for the opportunity. enjoy your pc.

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