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Dell Optiplex 380 Desktop with Intel Core 2 Duo plus 8GB Memory


The Dell Optiplex 380 is a business like desktop computer, manufactured by dell a couple of years back when durability along with a hard shell case was a thing; fast enough for most tasks allowing enough performance for most office applications.



Here I have a used in almost like new condition dell optiplex 380 desktop computer, this one has been refurbished back to original operation with some minor upgrades to the hardware; everything was tested to be in working order prior to listing it for sale online.

  • This dell optiplex desktop comes with the original intel core 2 duo e7500 processor, which runs at 2.93 ghz of core clock speed; this cpu is two processing chips in one.

As your media choice it comes with the original dvd optical drive, a multi-reader rw drive; allowing you to play and record.

  • For your storage I have installed a new western digital caviar hard drive, a basic 160gb total running at 7300 rpm; in it you will have a licensed windows 10 pro 64 bit operating system.
  • The memory has also been upgraded to a total of 8GB, a dual combo of 2 x 4GB modules; each are pc3-10600.

The power supply is standard from dell, a n255pd model that supports up to 255 watts; this one has plenty of power for the entire unit.

If you are wondering about the motherboard is basically the original from dell, model known as the E93839 also for az0422; which is in other words an intel component.

  • Some of the unique features to consider on the dell optiplex 380 would be the expansion capacity, allowing you to install an additional 3.5 hard drive on top of the one already in it; each compatible with SATA like connection.

Another feature some of you will find useful is the empty space for another optical drive, assuming you may want to install a second dvd player; this is cool for those who like to burn cd or dvd together.

Something else if you are planning to expand the hardware is the available pci express slot for things like a video card, and also two extra regular pci slots for components like a sound card; plenty of space inside the case to allow for all at once if you want to.


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