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Samsung Galaxy S8+ Smart Phone, Android 9, 64GB, 4GB, 12MP Camera, 6.2 Display


This used like new Galaxy S8 plus smart phone expansive display stretches from edge to edge, giving you the most amount of screen in the least amount of space; and the fact that this is the Galaxy S8+ is even more expansive—our biggest screen yet.

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Hi. Here I have a used in like new condition samsung galaxy s 8 plus smart phone. Mine has been kept in a case since day of purchased and retailed new at $849. Considering the condition the one I’m selling is the asking price is reasonable enough to still help you save money compared to buying a new smart phone with almost the same specifications.

I will be including original samsung box, also the original samsung charger and cable; overall this package is in excellent conditions compared to others in the marketplace. I will be offering priority shipping when you order from my store at no extra cost.

  • The device is paid in full, originally programmed with AT&T Service which is now unlocked for you to use on any provider you choose; do not fall for the monthly installments so in a year you have to sell it for half the price. Purchasing a used like new smart phone sometimes is smarter financially than going with a new one.

Unlocked by Samsung lets you pick more than just your smartphone. You can choose your carrier, data plan, services, features and apps, so you can get your phone exactly the way you want it. The Galaxy S8 camera still takes amazing photos in low light, and now has an enhanced front-facing camera so you can take better, clearer selfies.

Press the Bixby Button and get more done. Bixby learns from your routine to serve up the right apps and content at the right time, and makes it easy to ask Bixby a question or make a command. Bixby is built into your Galaxy S8, and can adapt to your routine to anticipate what you might need, surfacing specific apps and content based on where are you are and what time it is. So in the morning, you might see your Health app. Or at night, your alarm and step count. Bixby is built into your camera, so you can identify landmarks, translate foreign languages or shop for products online right when you see them. Focus on an object in your viewfinder and tap the Bixby eye icon to get a deeper understanding of what you’re looking at.

  • Of course you may consider going with a newer phone like the S20 and pay twice as much for almost the same features on design and specifications, yes there are new improvements to consider but is it worth the price is the question; after doing a comparison there is not much change really to justify the increase in price besides camera and size which for some of us is not a deal breaker so buy this like new offer and save money while getting a smart phone that will provide you with features still yet not seen on even newer phones.

Are you into samsung health? The Samsung S8 Plus Monitor everything from activity to sleep to nutrition, live chat with a doctor and stay motivated with notifications. Do you use the samsung pay? With the Samsung S8 Plus you Carry all your cards on your devices so you can pay in-person or in-app. Plus get extra rewards for the same purchases you make every day. Are you using the samsung connect? Well with the Samsung S8 Plus you still can Control hundreds of devices and appliances – whether you’re at home or out the house. What about the samsung dex experience? You guessed it the samsung s8 plus allows you to Connect your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ to a monitor, keyboard and trackpad for a desktop-like experience.

We’ve re-assessed every step of the smartphone manufacturing process and developed our 8-Point Battery Safety Check. It Involves putting our batteries through extreme testing, inside and out, followed by careful inspection by X-ray and the human eye to ensure highest quality. This program is our commitment to safer devices now and in the future.

Curious to dive into the specifications more closely? Here is a list of the most common to consider:

  • Main display resolution is 2960 x 1440 at Quad HD+ similar to newer models where resolutions are about 30x something.
  • The screen on the s8 plus is 6.2 and at full rectangle is 6.1 with rounded corners; compared to the newer s models at 6.5 is not much difference.
  • You get almost the same display technology like newer models which is a dual edge superAMOLED screen.
  • The front camera on the samsung s8 plus comes with 8MP, and the rear camera in dual pixel mode at 12MP; so when considering the s8 plus versus the newer models running at either 10mp or 12pm you are not missing much.
  • Video recording if you are asking on the samsung s8 plus again is similar to newer models running at Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 under 30fps which is almost alike the s20 phones.
  • As compared to newer phones the s8 plus supports flash and auto focus as well as 1080p and 4k like videos so you choose the options in the settings.
  • The main difference of the s8 plus phone compared to newer models is that it comes with 64gb of internal storage versus let say 128gb, and 4gb of hardware memory versus let say 8gb; compared to the new s20 or note 20 there was a bit of a difference in speed I have to be honest but for most of us not much noticable really using most apps.
  • The samsung s8 phone support 3g and also 4g and now with newer networks like 5g it also support it when available in your area so no need to go with a new phone if you looking for a faster connection as this phone supports all.

You may learn more on the samsung website if you like to know other specifics yet this information is the ones to consider when purchasing the s8 plus smart phone.

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