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As a subscriber you will be invited to watch videos I’ve created to teach you Maintenance service, Customizing your Desktop Computer; and also the Products I recommend to help Customize your Gaming Experience further.


You will need to service your hardware to make sure is compatible and supported by the customization you are getting ready to implement.


You will need to select specific hardware components that work for the computer or console you are customizing before you even begin the customization.


You will need to purchase a product that would help you improve the customized idea implemented in the efforts to further enhance your experience.

You will first get access to videos that are specifically created for customizing your gaming experience. Remain as a subscriber though and you will continue to get e-mail invitations to watch other videos as I create them.

I focus on 3 key points and that is one service, second would be customization; and then three a recommended product.


Hi Everyone, I’m Alain Hernandez; an Elite Player and the Creator of Hernandez Elite Gaming.

Each subscriber is unique on what they require as a gamer.

Even though I have created unique video content that would show you how to customize your gaming experience. It may not be suited for your own needs. That is why I offer everyone at no cost a consultation to speak on the phone to go over what you wish to do.

The Customization Plan I will offer you is created just for you based on our discussion over the phone. You may implement the steps as you wish to meet the customization you desire.

Ultimately there will always be a product or a service you may need to purchase in the effort to help compliment your customized gaming.

I look forward to seeing you inside as a subscriber. I also look forward to speaking with you.


Subscribe for Access to a Phone Consultation, and Customization Plan, plus Products I Recommend to help Customize your Gaming.


Our free Phone Consultation, is to understand your gaming requirements; while also discussing the customization ideas you like to Implement.


I will offer you a customization plan proven to help you customize hardware, and also optimize software; with the option to configure a product.


If you choose to implement the plan, it will help you customize your gaming; and you may also compliment your gaming with one of the recommended products.

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