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Evolving from Product Reviews on YouTube and Selling on Marketplaces like eBay, and Amazon to now becoming a Commerce Solution; a Service Consultant for Sellers who want to Earn more and Shoppers who looking for the best Deal.

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Book a Phone Consultation if you like to Speak with a Seller at no cost, who will help you find a Product; and teach you Selling online.

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Master of Skills

I have over 10+ years of hands-on Experience being a Successful Seller, in the E-Commerce space, selling on popular Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon to eventually Building my own Stores with WooCommerce.

My expertise will focus on name brands I have been involved in such as eBay, to Amazon, to WooCommerce, Facebook Marketplace, Shopify and several others that I had the pleasure in helping my customers with the skills I've learned.

E-commerce online marketplace, facilitating customer-to-customer and retail sales, through auctions or instant purchases.

Widely regarded as the biggest digital marketplace globally, delivering e-commerce solutions to shoppers and sellers worldwide.

The open-source e-commerce platform for WordPress, empowering online stores worldwide. It’s built and supported by Woo, another Automattic product.

An online shopping platform where you can buy and sell items within your local community. It combines the convenience of e-commerce with a social touch, allowing users to communicate via Messenger.

Mobile marketplace where users can buy and sell items locally, allowing users to list items for sale in other cities; focuses on nearby transactions which can be boosted with their advertising features.

Complete commerce platform that lets anyone start, manage, and grow a business. It allows you to build an online store, manage sales, market to customers, and accept payments in digital and physical locations.

A skill is the ability to learn how to act with determined effort for the expectation of a proven result, with understanding of the execution process often achieved within a given amount of time; through a developed strategy implemented consistently.

Online Commerce Course is for Shopping with Selling

E-Commerce Academy is an Educational Membership where I will be teaching Sellers to earn more and Shoppers to find deals, each member will learn through recorded and live video lessons; plus the ability to become a partner.

Products I Support

I hand-picked products in categories that are popular, the select few are required for our everyday live; providing us with not only convenience but also the ability to work smarter. I encourage you to click on the thumbnail image you are interested in and please begin shopping online for a deal.


The Samsung Q60B Smart Televisions are unique for both Business and Personal plus Gaming use, allowing the ability to connect our devices to the big screen without cables such as a laptop or a Phone; a convenient way to present and watch at once along with Cloud Gameplay as well.


An Epson Workforce printer is the ideal product for in the office productivity, both one sided and both sided gives you the option to control your printing, available in both wireless and wired options.


Choosing to Wear a Smart Watch from the Samsung Galaxy product line, is taking us from the palm of our hands to the wrist; giving us the opportunity to monitor texts and calls plus health at the same time on the go.


Having a tablet that is capable to perform like a laptop or your phone while also being compatible with applications that are suitable for business look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S9 series.


Our phones are becoming smarter than ever and has been our companion for years, everchanging and evolving to being thinner and faster; to achieve incredible productivity for both business and personal use you need a Samsung S20 series.


While there are many name brand computers, there is no competition in my opinion when we compare the Alienware M18 series Laptops; both designed to replace your desktop and capable of high graphics performance for gamers looking for a PC that does it all.

Alain Hernandez

E-Commerce Seller

Our initial mission here at Hernandez AffordableProducts was Created for People looking for a Shop Online Deal, and who like to watch Video Reviews on Products that are affordable; Buying or Watching is up to you.

Hernandez AffordableProducts has now evolved from Selling on Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon to now becoming an E-commerce Service, a Consultant for Sellers who want to Earn more and Shoppers who looking for the best Deal.

The Opportunity to be a part of something different, starts with Alain at Hernandez AffordableProducts; from Learning to Sell Online to Deal Shopping.

You are invited to Watch Videos about Products and Shop for Products that I recommend plus Signup for E-Commerce Education at Hernandez Affordable Products.

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Customer Feedback

I Strive to provide you with an Excellent Experience. Read what some Satisfied Customers have to say.

"I bought the wrong item and Alain refunded my purchase as promised, excellent customer service, great guy, would shop again."


Buyer on eBay

"Everything was exactly how it was advertised. Securely wrapped, Alain answered every question I had; and even looked into to specs for me. Very good communication, very nice person; and definitely great products."


Buyer on Facebook

"Everything arrived in a timely manner. Alain was generous to accept my offer and packaged everything with utmost care. I’m so happy to finally have this headset that I’ve been wanting for a while, plus I got a stand, which I needed."


Buyer on Amazon

Products Education

Education is a YouTube Videos Blog about my Product Reviews.

New VideoComparing MSI Stealth GS77 vs Alienware M17 Gaming Laptops

Video - Unboxing the Samsung U28R550 28 Inch 4K IPS UHD Monitor

Video - Reviewing the WHITE NZXT H510 Gaming Case before Building it

VideoComparison between Nvidia RTX 3080 vs 3090 Founder Edition Graphic Card

Video - Unboxing for Review the Alienware X17 R1 Gaming Laptop with Gameplay

Video - Unboxing the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE Smart Watch

Video - Unboxing for Review the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Smart Phone

Video - Comparison between Nzxt H510 Elite VS MSI Gungnir 110R Gaming Cases

Video - Unboxing for Review the Samsung Galaxy TAB A 10.5 Android Tablet

Watch other Comparison and Unboxing Videos about Products I recommend.

Subscriber Learning

eBook Guide, Phone Consultation, and a Proven Plan, plus Video Experiences; to help you Learn E-Commerce.

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Download a digital format of the learning.

Phone Consultation

Speak with me about your Products.

Recorded Videos

You will have online access to watch Videos.

Proven Plan

I will create you a Proven Plan about Commerce.

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Coming Soon

The Commerce Learning is a Subscriber Level Education Series at no cost, teaching you the Proven ways to Sell Online and Shop for Deals; is delivered through Video and Consultation along with Digital formats such as an eBook also a Plan.

Currently under Development and it will Launch soon.


Course is Coming Soon

The Commerce Course is going to be an ongoing Membership for paying members who want to learn how to sell online and earn more, while it will also share education to shoppers who like deals, so they are buying for less.

Currently under Development and it will Launch soon.

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